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Light Style NLJ-2 backlighting module

Light Style NLJ-2 backlighting module is an cost-effictive all-around LED-system. High quality LG 3535 white LED combined with advanced lense makes together exellent module spacing.

Markets leading efficiency

This bright and efficient LED produces upto 176 lm/W. Modules are spaced at 330 mm intervals along a flexible chain. All this saves your money, energy and labour costs. Minimum number of modules for maximum brightness!

Light Style - Lighting solutions
Light Style - Lighting solutions


Light Style NLJ-2 is flexible chain LED-lighting system designed specifically for back lighting of large channel letters, thin lightboxes and large scale flex-face sign boxes.

Brightness is up to 311 lm, effeciency is upto 176 lm/W @ 350 mA and colour rendering index CRI is 70. Insulation and IP-ratings are very good due the PC over moulded construction.

Module is engineered to being economically effective solution to signage lighting without compromising product quality. Cost-effectiveness is also achieved at minimum module quantities per m2 compared to any other backlighting module in the markets. Module consist excellent lense, which is originally tailored to LED TV backlighting application.

It is possible to illuminate large size lightboxes at 120 mm depth at only 9 modules per square meter with 330 mm module spacings. Also 45 - 50 mm deep lightbox can be lighted at 150 mm module to module intervals, 70 mm deep lightbox at 180 mm module to module intervals and 80 mm deep lightbox at 200 mm module to module intervals.

160 mm thick channel letters and light boxes can be illuminated at 400 mm module to module distancies and in the maximum 200 mm thick lightbox can be lighted at 500 mm module to module distancies (module with special wire length).

Available in 6500 K colour temperature. One pack consist of 100pcs Light Style modules in cartoon box.

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  • Super wide beam angle at TV backlighting lense
  • One LG 3535 LED with state of the art efficacy
  • High brightness (311 lumens @ 700mA, 6500K)
  • Protection for the open LED condition is optional
  • AWG 22 wiring for high voltage connectors (3M 314)
  • Low power consumption (0,98 W typ. @ 350 mA, 176 lm/W)
  • Dust and water resistant due PC over moulded construction (IP67)
  • 54,000 hours to 70% light output LM80 data based on measurements
    (L/70) with Tj =115°C max.


  • Designed according EN 62031 - safety standard for LED-module.
  • Built-in module which target application is class 1 luminaire.


  • Light Style LED modules must only be connected to constant current power supplies
  • Serial connections can be applied, parallel connection is not allowed
  • Maximum chain current 700 mA DC, also 350 mA drivers can be applied
  • Follow accurately + and – marks in serial connection making
  • Module is not containing protection for reverse polarity in the connection
  • Use high voltage connectors in all electrical connections (3M 314)
  • Maximum voltage in LED chain may be up to 500V DC at 350 mA

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